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Christmas in July

July 8, 2015  |  Tasha Ramos

Amidst the freezing temperatures and snow banks of winter you will often hear people mention how grateful they are not to be outside on, “a night like this.” The harsh reality of being homeless is driven home during the winter. Concern for our neighbors who are less fortunate seems to abound during the holidays with food and coat drives. But the summer months are no less challenging. Soaring temperatures without respite from the heat and sun, and perhaps nothing to drink, pose dangerous risks. But Duffy is here to help those in need! We will be collecting items such as bottled water, new T-shirts, hats, sunscreen, toiletry items, towels and bags or backpacks June 17-July 17 at the reception desk in the lobby of Duffy Health Center, 94 Main Street Hyannis, Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Items will be packaged and distributed to Duffy clients over the summer. Case Manager, Karen Danskin, highlights the lack of basic essentials so many Duffy clients face, and the need for not only summer items, but also bags, “I meet so many people who carry around their important possessions in ripped plastic grocery bags. Everyone, including our clients, deserves better than that. Something as simple as a backpack can make a huge difference.”

If you would like to donate items or organize a collection as part of your community organization or school, contact Elyse at edegroot@duffyhealthcenter.org or call 508-771-7517 ext 104.