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Healing Arts Fund

Help Us to Heal Others Through the Arts

Healing Arts Fund

Initial funding for the arts project came from the family of Bach, a former client. Bach was more than just a client at Duffy – he was a board member, community fixture and voice for those unable to speak for themselves. At his passing, Bach’s family requested donations be made in his memory to Duffy. Thus the Healing Arts Fund was born.

Through art we see that every person, regardless of conditions or limitations, has hopes and dreams and is a part of the wider community. For Duffy’s clients, the arts can be part of a healing process from the trauma and the stress they have endured for days, months or years. The arts offer a voice to clients who are marginalized or for whom communication is difficult.

Through the Healing Arts Fund, Duffy will:

  • Work with local organizations to provide work spaces and supplies for Duffy clients.
  • Create a permanent “Art Gallery” in our building to show our clients’ art work and engage the wider community.
  • Develop a partnership between Duffy and local artists in an effort to support an important part of Cape Cod’s culture.

I'd Like to Make a Gift to the Healing Arts Fund