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Ned Fund

Help Us Respond to Small Problems Swiftly

Duffy Health Center Case Management

Named in memory of the father-in-law of a former employee, the Ned Fund is dedicated to helping clients who find themselves in an emergency situation that without intervention could potentially lead to nights on the street or in the shelter. Case Managers request help in situations that range from needing a little help to pay a month's rent to simply filling an automobile with gas so a client can drive to a job interview. The Ned Fund is intended to allow case managers to respond to small problems swiftly, avoiding bigger problems down the road.

"During a medical appointment, a client mentioned to his medical provider that he was having difficulty managing his medication since he couldn't always remember to get the prescription filled and to take the medicine. In discussion with the Case Management staff, they came up with a simple solution – purchase an inexpensive phone that the client could use to call both the pharmacy and to set an alarm to remind him to take his medication. The case manager was able to request money from the Ned Fund and the phone was delivered that same day." – Duffy Nurse Practitioner

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