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The Right Support System

Former Client, Duffy Health Center

"I was lost in many ways and didn't realize I deserved anything better. I couldn't hold a job, a relationship or even a friendship. I felt I had nothing to live for.

After seeking help at Duffy, my life has completely changed. I learned that I am a person with values, morals and a future. Duffy has helped me deal with life clean and sober. Suboxone has helped me take care of the cravings while I deal with life situations. It's not just a medication program. There are groups, counseling and other skills to teach you to cope with life's terms. I honestly feel that to quit using drugs you have to want it and work for it.

From the time I walked in the door, I was treated by everyone who works at Duffy with dignity and respect – from the receptionist, doctors, nurses, social workers to the insurance case manager. At Duffy, you can work on yourself in a comfortable environment. The staff is supportive; they treat you like a person without judging you or making you feel less than you are. Without this program, I feel my life would still be in shambles. I'd recommend it to anybody who wants to get clean or is looking to get clean.

Now, I have a full time job where people trust me with expensive equipment, to supervise crews and interact with customers. I surround myself with positive people and have friendships that are clean and sober. I pay my bills and feel I am a decent human being in society."

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