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PRESS RELEASE  Main Street Initiative Members to be Honored at the Fourth Annual Duffy Health Center Gala

The Duffy “Evening of Stars” Manhattan Suitcase Gala is certain to be a wonderful social event culminating in the departure of the Rectrix Challenger Jet filled with eight happy guests. But the Gala also has a more serious side. As part of the original planning, the Gala committee created the Duffy Awards. Each year, the committee selects individuals or local businesses that have “Helped Duffy Health Center Build a Stronger Community.”  This year, “we wanted to highlight the successful partnership created by the Main Street Initiative members” states Heidi Nelson, Duffy CEO. “The idea for this group grew out of a contentious meeting in 2008 when the problem of homeless individuals on Main Street was affecting businesses and visitors alike. This Initiative has resulted in reduced vagrancy and created a more welcoming environment for merchants and tourists on Main Street in Hyannis, improved public safety and been a linchpin in creating positive collaboration among community groups, law enforcement, human services, and the business community.” The members of the group include:

  • Mary LeClair – Former County Commissioner and Co-Chair, Main Street Initiative
  • Estelle Fritzinger – Co-Chair, Main Street Initiative
  • Diane Casey Lee – Director, Cape Cod Council of Churches
  • Deb Krau – President, Greater Hyannis Civic Association, Voices of the Village
  • Tom Lynch – Town Manager, Town of Barnstable
  • Paul MacDonald – Chief of Police, Barnstable
  • Rick Presbrey – President, CEO Housing Assistance Corporation
  • Sue Rohrbach – District Director, Senator Dan Wolf
  • Jessica Sylver – President and CEO, Hyannis Chamber of Commerce
  • Elizabeth Wurfbain – Executive Director, Business Improvement District
  • Heidi Nelson – CEO,  Duffy Health Center

Previous Awardees have included the Visionaries for their help with the PBS documentary “Homeward Bound”; Duffy founders Dr. Arthur Bickford and Nurse Practitioner Judy Best Lavigniac and members of the Duffy Health Center Comprehensive Campaign Committee.

The mission of Duffy Health Center is to prevent and reduce homelessness on Cape Cod through community collaborations and the provision of integrated medical, behavioral health, case management and housing services to persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. For more information about the Duffy Health Center Evening of Stars please visit the Duffy website at www.duffyhealthcenter.org