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Why I Gave Up My Saturday in the Middle of the Summer

September 4, 2012  |  By Elyse DeGroot, Director of Community Relations and Marketing, Duffy Health Center

Stand Down Cape Cod LogoAs we wind down from the summer, it’s easy to look back and remember all the cook outs, days at the beach and other fun activities we were involved in. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who gave up your Saturday on August 11 to help with the First Annual Stand Down Cape Cod 2012. Please save the date – August 10, 2013 – for the Second Annual Stand Down Cape Cod!

Here are some thoughts about the day from two of the coordinators:

“For me, this is doing what's right. We may disagree about the wisdom of our commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that is no concern to the people who served there. Their nation asked them to go – and they went. Less than one percent of American families send someone to war. We owe them all, and have not done right by them. We can't make national policy but we can do something where we are. I'm grateful for the chance to be a part of this. I'm especially proud that the young people of my school – and across Cape Cod have done such a beautiful thing, organizing the Shelter from the Storm concerts and performing in them... and that my school is hosting the Stand Down. These vets didn't need a parade; they needed this... vital services from a community that is grateful for their service and mindful of their needs.”
   — Rev. Lawrence Brown, Cape Cod Academy teacher & Shelter From the Storm Concert coordinator

“I come from a family where military service is revered. My grandfather fought in WW2 in the South Pacific with the Navy, my dad fought in Vietnam in the Army. My daughter is in the Navy. My children’s generation has produced 5 Active-duty military personnel: my daughter, a cousin who served in OIF with the Army, a cousin at Norwich University, one nephew in the Army National Guard, and a niece in the Army. I believe that our country owes no higher debt that to those who served and kept us safe. But, the reality is, we fail our service- men and women. And I wanted to do my part to change that. When I first learned about the concept of Stand Down I was taking a grant writing class and used a Stand Down as my final project. I knew then that I would make this idea a reality, and the leadership at Duffy have supported this goal from the start. Having the opportunity to work with Cape Cod Academy and Nam-Vets makes the event that much more special for me. I am humbled and honored to work on this event. I am doing this to out of respect and gratitude to all Veterans and to ‘pay-it-forward’ so that someday, someone will assist my daughter and her cousins, should they ever need it.”
   — Allison Fennell, Duffy SAMHSA Data Coordinator, Opportunities & New CHANCE Programs