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Housing First Program

Housing First is a national model for ending homelessness – with the immediate and primary focus on helping individuals quickly access and sustain permanent housing as an initial step in receiving services. Since 2006, Duffy Health Center has been providing services, stability and security through Housing First as clients transition out of homelessness.

Supporting the Journey

Starting with the development of a trusting relationship, Housing First case managers carefully assess individuals and connect clients with housing and support services. Throughout the transition to housing stability, case managers work with clients to reach their goals for self-sufficiency and independence, including educating them on life skills such as budgeting, productive use of time, and forming and maintaining new relationships.

Duffy Health Center’s intensive case managers connect Housing First clients to medical care as well as substance abuse and mental health services at Duffy to help them succeed.

Program Features

Positive changes in behaviors and lifestyle and reconnection to community, through:

  • Rental stability
  • Improvement in mental and physical health
  • Connections to community resources
  • Education, jobs or volunteer opportunities


Call Housing First at (508) 771–9599.

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