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Life After Cancer

Client, Duffy Health Center 

“I first arrived at Duffy in March 2013. To be honest, I was a mess. After a year, my life began to improve in every way.

Monica saw me when I first arrived and helped me set a plan of action. My medical issues were addressed by Renee Kane, N.P., who spotted cancer and got me over to the Cancer Center at Cape Cod Hospital. I had vulvar cancer and received chemotherapy and radiation. By the fall of 2013, I was cancer free. When I was well enough, I got right back to Duffy. Renee addressed my physical issues, along with Sam Cohen, who cared for me when Renee was on maternity leave.

Louise Patrick set my counseling in motion. She is wonderful. My psycho-social issues are being addressed. Tera Waldroup has been brought in by Louise, and I feel better than I've been in 30 years.

My personal issues are being addressed by Jeffrey McHugh. He's a God send. He's helped me in every way he can from paperwork to transportation. I'm now waiting for Senior Housing.

I now have Mass Health and Social Security, but most of all, peace of mind.

Everyone at Duffy is amazing. The professionals and all of the employees are top-notch. Patients who had no hope, as I was hopeless, now know they can depend on Duffy to address all issues and help rebuild lives.”

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