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> > Musings from the Medical Floor: Taking Care of Fellow Beings

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Musings from the Medical Floor: Taking Care of Fellow Beings

July 2, 2013  |  By John Barboza

I just played the word “being” in Words with Friends and this made me think of the dedicated beings at Duffy Health Center taking the best care of fellow beings. A rough gestimate might be 500 years of caring experience inside the Duffy Building daily, meeting and trying to meet our patients varying needs. When I step outside of Duffy Health Center, the number of years of caring experience contributing to Duffy patients is incalculable. I am not the expert to think of every other caring being , here is my unpolished guess ; volunteers, families, friends, Board of Directors, local committees,  cape, state, and federal agencies (10,000 years of patient care experience). Please someone reply with the other compassionate caring beings I have missed.

My experience as a health care provider has taught me to practice compassionate self- care before I can take care of patients. I have witnessed the Duffy Health Center team take care of each other, enabling us to provide excellent self-care techniques to each patient.   

It is delightful to see patients return for follow up care, day to day, week to week, and month to month. More thoughts to come soon.

John Barboza
Staff Nurse at Duffy Health Center